I can’t possibly clean up my hard drive. I’m too emotionally invested.

What? No space available on Drive C:? It’s amazing how quickly 80GB goes nowadays. No problem, I’ll just empty my recycle bin. That got me… three megabytes. Hmm. I’ve got a long way to go.

I’ll have to delete some of these old programs. Let’s see here … Baldur’s Gate II? No WAY! When I last played it two months ago I just made it through that ridiculously hard Planar Sphere level. God as my witness, I will someday finish that game. Someday. Same with Morrowind. Those are staying.

Let’s see, that brings us to SimCity 4. No way I’m deleting that! I’d lose Slumsburg, and Hovelton. I spent hours building those. Or my favorite, the big metropolis known as “Fat Jack’s Whorehouse Crack City.” I have a high-speed rail line linking it to My Anus, thanks to my roommate’s city naming schemes. No, Sim City 4 stays.

Of course I’ve got to keep Battlefield 1942. It would take hours of downloading and installing to reinstall all the mods I’ve put on that thing. Same with … uh … Half-Life. And all three Quake games, which are still on here. No sir, they’re going to stay.

Wow. Damn. I guess there’s nothing left to do but to start deleting my 21 gigs of adult movies. Technology = pain.

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……NO! I just can’t do it. I’m going to go out and buy a second 80GB hard drive. That’ll keep me going for at least two months.

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What kind of roleplaying game is it? Does it have towns? After playing hundreds of RPGs in my lifetime, I’ve developed a fear of towns.

I will be brutally honest. There’s no way you look like your Tiger Woods 2004 character.

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