Oh yah? That’s nothing. I play Quake 3 in 16384x12288 resolution.

I do, and I like it. And you’re bragging about your stupid Radeon 9700! I got a Radeon … 9900. And a half. And I crank up the resolution to 16384 and I still get one hundred … million frames a second. The text is so small it looks like DOTS. They could fit the Library of Congress on my Quake screen. AND THEY HAVE. Cuz I told them they could.

See ‘cuz I went to the Alienware website and custom-configured my machine, but what I did was I HACKED INTO THEIR HTML code, cuz I know how, and I changed the “Configure your own PC” page so that I could order hardware that wasn’t supposed to be on the market yet. And I paid like half as much as you did for your Radiator…thing.

My harddrive has like a terragig, and I just drug and dropped the Internet onto my C: drive and it’s still copying but I’m gonna get the whole thing.

A porn star’s gonna have my baby.

I have a custom case too. It was airbrushed by that guy with the chopped off ear. He owed me big time cuz I built a water-cooler for his mother-RAM.

[Daily Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Aaron Wirth.]

Victim Pic Small

I also hacked the Daily Victim script, but only I can see the results. And one time I made out with this other guy’s mom.

Score: 7.63; Total Votes: 2778 as of 2009-12-09.

Keep the … get them … oh … put the mouse droids away please!

I’ll tell you when I’ve had enuff, just fork over the ale, Neverwinter wench!

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