Hey guys? Guys? Could you stop playing Navy Seals a sec? I’ve got kinda a situation here.

Hey – hey guys? Damn this stupid headset. Uhm, hello? Bunch of random strangers on the Internet? Yeah, now that the round is over … can someone help out? I uh … Look, I need one of you to log off and call the Framingham, Massachusetts Police Department and send them to my house, okay? I’ll give you the address.

Okay … uh, someone say “copy” if you heard me. Guys? Guys, you listening? Okay … okay stop trying to teamkill. I need one of you to send the police to my house.

No! No, I’m NOT camping. I’m … listen to me … I’m not lagging out. I’m … look, it’s a bit difficult to use the Dual Shock 2 controller right now, okay? Can someone just get on the telephone and call my local police? No, I can’t do it myself, I’m on the floor of the living room, and the only thing within squirming distance is my PS2 and SOCOM: Navy Seals microphone and headset.

Oh, that’s nice guys. Just shoot me while my character is standing there pleading for help. Oh, what’s that? Oh very nice, put a smoke grenade on my head. Mnnn. That sure is a hoot, gang. Look at me. Hooting.

Victim Pic Small

Okay fine. [Struggling sounds] Allright, I’ve got the controller in one hand, if I play this round, will someone call the cops? OW! You shot me! You sniping jerk. You wait’ll I get both hands, smacky. I will wreck you.

Score: 8.08; Total Votes: 2215 as of 2009-12-09.

Whhoooooaa, honey, we gotta buy this vacuum cleaner, it looks like something the Protoss would use.

All right! ‘Tied-up’ dude is back online!

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