I disagree. A broadsword to the head wouldn’t hurt if you were wearing good armor.

Okay, let’s settle this. Let’s say a fighter had a good solid Imperial Dragonscale helm, not unlike my old motorcycle helmet here. Let me put this on.

[Muffled] Can you hear me? Now, I’m not saying that a shot to the head would be pleasant, but I disagree on your assumption that Morrowind is completely unrealistic. Grab that 2x4, and I’ll show you. Let’s say we’re in a fight, right? And I’ve got like level 28 armor. And, you’ve got a sword. It would be just like hitting me on the head with the 2x4. What? What was that? I can’t hear you through the helmet. No, I said it would be just like hitting me on the head. I SAID HITTING ME ON THE HEAD!

[Gut-wrenching THUD]

OHHH Oh mother of CRAP you HIT ME! Stop … spinning. Oh man. Was that a 2x4 or did you just back over me with a truck? Help me get this visor off so I can puke. Oh …. oh my sweet mother. I think I swallowed a tooth.

Victim Pic Small

Okay, if my equilibrium wasn’t gone, and the ground wasn’t wobbling under me, and my eyes weren’t filled with tears, and the paramedics weren’t on their way … I would KICK YOUR ASS. Are you there? Hello? Anyone?

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I can end troublesome lens flares Forever!

Step aside! This Star Wars line is getting out of hand.

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