I Find Myself Crippled with Paralyzing Fear Whenever I Try to Climb Down a Ladder in an FPS Game

Skitter of feet on pavement – click of a rifle bolt – shuffle step stop – Feet on the mesh metal stairwell – Radio chat: “Incoming!” – duck, crouch. Pause. Silence. Sudden staccato crack of rifle – shell casing hits the ground, clatter, clink – sidestep, quiet … quiet … he knows I’m here – does he? He’s facing the other building – horrifying sound of bullets – from where? WHERE? Hit in the leg – screen all red!

One hope for freedom – back to base, fire escape – fire escape down to window below! Boots on metal, skitter, frantic, dribbles of blood falling


six stories to the pavement below – drip! RUN. Oh no. There it is.

A solitary ladder! So easy to climb up – but please – oh please – don’t make me try to go down it!

Step forward – turn – look down – no feet, only plummet – move backwards – slowly – press crouch – damn, move backwards – slowly – crouch – careful … CAAaaareful … GUNS! Bad guys! Terror! Press trigger! Tap backwards! Red brick hurtling by, black sky above, shrinking rooftop – hard cement – observer mode.

Quiet, quiet whimpering.

[Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Ryan McCormac]

Victim Pic Small

Maybe I can take some pills for this?

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