Watch Me Now as I Sing along with the Deus Ex Theme!


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Duuuuuhhhh da da daduh
da daaaaaaaaaa dada duh
Duuuuuhhhh da da daduh
da deeeeeeeeee dooo do do!

Dooooooooo do do do do000 -- oodleooo
Dooooo do do dooo -- oodlleaa-ayy
da dabadaba da DA DAAA DAA!

Now with the violins! It's all soft now!
Oh yeah -- in the back -- that's right!
It's a conspiracy, it's all scary, oh ooOOhhhh,
sooo scary -- are you ready with the techno?

This is the part where I break it down! Now it's real!
[deep breath]

But heavy with the drums .. oohhh,
oh the banging ... now, hit it -- hold that note --
Creepy! Oh yeah, it's creepy!

[Wipes forehead]
WHhheee-eeo! That was good. Did you get all that?
'Cuz I can do it again.

Victim Pic Small *pant pant pant* Okay, load up the first level, I'm going to do my 'sneaking through the statue of Liberty' groove-busting and down-getting.

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